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SKU J-54587

From Siberia with Love Foot Roller

Product specification details
SKU J-54587
Made by Timber Production, LLC
Material birch
Dimensions 9.5 x 2.4" (24 x 6 cm)
Additional Information Made from Altai birch, a natural and ecologically clean material.

Modern people do not have a natural foot massage as we very rear walk barefoot. Foot massage with a roller has a point effect on the feet, it stimulates blood circulation, relieves leg muscle tension and maintains a healthy balance in your body. Foot massages allow you to activate your body's protective functions. 

Foot roller is made of Altai birch, a natural and eco-friendly material.

Birch is the personification of the Russian soul. You can see a great variety of birch trees in Russian paintings and literature.

A birch tree is known not only for its beauty, but also for its special ability to heal the body and the soul. Long ago this tree has been considered as the source of energy.