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SKU S-86776

Golden Coneflowers Painting

Product specification details
SKU S-86776
Made by Handmade
Material canvas, oil paints
Dimensions 12 х 16'' (30 х 40 cm)
Artist V. Kananykhin
Picture / color hand-painted
Golden coneflowers evoke childhood memories in many people. This unpretentious and uniquely beautiful plant was once a common part of rural life. People believed that golden coneflowers protected against infidelity, so wives would sew dried petals into their husbands' clothing. It was also thought that the plant improves familial relationships and could attract money. V. Kananykhin's painting, "Golden Coneflowers," is a fascinating work of art depicting those same flowers, along with a house and fence. Hang this painting in your home and let it draw you in.