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Thanksgiving is a traditional American family holiday that is celebrated annually in the United States on the last Thursday of November. Families and friends get together for a meal, which traditionally includes a stuffed roasted turkey, corn, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving is simply one of those holidays that can help you let all your creativity out. You can experiment a lot with Thanksgiving decorations. Take a look at our category Home & Bedroom /Home decor and you will find many interesting decoration ideas!

Preparation for the holiday begins with the dining table and ends with the decor of the front door and porch. When you are decorating a Thanksgiving dinner table, you should pay attention to small details while still incorporating all those charming Thanksgiving colors. You can add orange and brown-themed potted plants that can be a marvelous decoration for your yard or porch. In our Home & Bedroom /Vases & Planters category, we have a large assortment of matching accessories.

When it comes to table serving design, autumn accents would be of great help. Plates with yellow leaves, orange napkins, or any other autumn-colored accessories will give the whole place a warm, inviting vibe. In the Porcelain category you will find all you need for a family evening gathering!

Thanksgiving creates a special autumn mood by just adding some autumn shades to your decor! Spend some time browsing through the products on our website in the Holidays / Thanksgiving Day category and create a cozy and fun interior for the holiday!