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SKU Y-165938

Matrona, the Blessed Eldress of Moscow Icon Pendant

Product specification details
SKU Y-165938
Jewelry Type Pendants
Packaging fabric gift bag
Made in Russia
Material gold-plated, sterling silver
Dimensions 1.1x0.5'' (2.7x1.3 cm)
Additional Information Sanctified on the relics of St. George, the Great Martyr

In the center of cross reverse St. bl. Matrona (1885 - May 2, 1952) is portrayed. Blind from birth, she was endowed with the spiritual vision since childhood. Blessed Matrona was able to read in the human heart and mind, as well as a prophetically see ahead. The Lord gave her strength to console sorrows, and to heal the sick; all her long life, full of bitter hardships and miseries she helped people gratuitously, refusing aid nobody. Even on her deathbed, the mother instructed: "All of you, everyone come to me and tell me of your sorrows as if I were alive, and I will see you, and hear you, and help you."

More than three decades later the grave of St. Blessed Matrona at the Daniel Cemetery became one of the holy places of Orthodox Moscow, and people come there from the four winds with their illnesses and sorrows.

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