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SKU SET-185342-185343

Purple Agate Bracelet w/ Nesting Doll Charm

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Product specification details
SKU SET-185342-185343
Jewelry Type Bracelets
Packaging fabric gift bag
Made in USA
Made by Designed in the USA. St-Petersburg GTH (C)
Material agate, enamel, jewelry alloy, Swarovski crystals
Dimensions S - 6'' (15 cm)
L - 7'' (18 cm)
Additional Information Handmade
Collection Orlov Collection

Purple and white agate come together to form this beautifully unique blend of energetic stones! The agate stone forms as a result of igneous rock mixing together with the silica deposits in groundwater, creating these crystals, which vibrate on a lower, more gentle frequency. Welcome peace & balance into your life!

The pendant egg is made with inspiration from Carl Faberge, the famous court jeweler to the Russian Imperial Family. Carl Faberge was a master craftsman & his wonderous creations were given as gifts within the Russian royal family. 

Prolonged exposure to water not recommended. 

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