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SKU G-202103

Russian Ballistic Missile System "Iskander-M" SS-26 "Stone" Model Kit

Product specification details
SKU G-202103
Made by Zvezda
Recommended age Ages 7 & Up
Material plastic
Dimensions 7.2" (18.3 cm)
Set Contains Castings; assembly instruction
Additional Information Glue and paint are not included in the set

Iskander-M designed to destroy key targets in the depths of the defense of a credible adversary. According to experts, is the most dangerous weapon of the Russian Armed Forces. The high range of the missiles, precision accuracy, the impossibility of intercepting by the missile defense systems and the use of stealth technology allows the destruction of strategically important facilities. The damage that can be inflicted by the Iskander division is comparable to the carpet bombing of NATO aviation, and the existing possibility of using nuclear warheads, raises this weapon to the ultimate level.

  • Scale - 1:72
  • Parts - 247pcs.
  • Size - 7.2" (18.3 cm)

NOTE that glue and paint are not included in this set.