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SKU S-136541

Scorpio Selenite Figurine

$35.99 $30.00

Scorpio Selenite Figurine

$35.99 $30.00
Product specification details
SKU S-136541
Made by Anatoliy Ivanov's Art Studio
Material selenite
Height 4"
Additional Information hand-painted
Selenite is a symbol of health, longevity, and prosperity. The healing properties of the crystal will enhance the emotionality of its bearer, bringing about positive and gentle thoughts. Selenite figurines in the likeness of Zodiac signs are certainly an excellent gift!


  • Selenite preserves harmony in the house, brings comfort and tranquility, therefore, by purchasing a figurine made of this stone, you will bring only positive energy to the house!
  • All selenite products are made and painted only by hand.
  • Products may differ slightly from each other and that is why they are unique.


  • Selenite is a very soft stone and is prone to scratches and chips. Therefore, it requires a careful attitude.
  • We do not recommend giving selenite figurines to children under five years old.
  • We advise you to wipe with a soft, damp cloth, not using hard brushes.


  • There are many items in our collection of selenite figurines that have only good symbols and meanings.
  • Owls, turtles, frogs and elephants will definitely bring positive emotions to the owner.
  • A large selection of figures of cats will allow you to choose a gift for all lovers of these pets.
  • Zodiac signs are a great idea for a birthday present.

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