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Glorious history of glorious material.

According to one of the world`s largest online statistics resource, Statista, the retail sales of Aluminum cookware grew 13.8% from 2010 to 2018 inside the boundaries of the USA which surely proves the idea of aluminum as one of the best choices for your everyday kitchen routine. Aluminum cookware is known for creating a balance between the cheap price and convenience in the usage category. Aluminum was widely known by the ancient humanity in a different form than what we are used to now. The Natural History, by the famous Roman historic figure Pliny the Elder, told a story that the aluminum cup was proudly presented by a talented craftsman to the Roman Emperor Tiberius. The ruler was impressed by the qualities of the item, considering it was as elegant as silver, and unexpectedly light. In the XIX and early XX centuries aluminum became one of the most widespread materials in creating crafts, dishware and cookware, and even shipbuilding and aviation, best known for its lightness and ability to easily adjust to the changes in temperatures.

Combining price and quality

Considering the price matter, aluminum is one of the most widespread metals in the world, as it is known to be the third most abundant hard element in nature. Thus, it will never become an issue to buy some extra aluminum pans or aluminum baking pans in the variety of different sizes, never thinking about wasting your savings.

Speaking about the convenience, the heating properties are 16 times better than those of stainless steel cookware. Aluminum is also known for its fire resistant properties and for a unique ability of being fire resistant, which makes it the best electric energy saving material and your fastest assistant in preparing your food within minutes. With our cooking pots, aluminum pans and other aluminum cookware, generously presented in Saint Petersburg Global Trade House, you will find everything you need in the cookware. The unique heating qualities of aluminum make it the best for heating water and hot beverages, which makes it ideal for camping. Our Camp Fire Cooking Pot will make your fastest camping soup ever, and our Camping Kettle is a clue for your fastest road trip tea or coffee.

Aluminum Cookware

Is aluminum cookware safe?

The Aluminum cookware is also considered to be most safe cookware among the majority of existing cookware, as it doesn’t react with acidic food, like fish and foods prepared from grains, which definitely make it a perfect match for creating a variety of healthy lifestyle dishes. It is a widely known fact that turning your busy everyday routine into a healthy lifestyle is a great and even life-saving idea, and our wide range of aluminum cookware options will help you in completing that challenging purpose.

Kazan Aluminum Cookware

Our Poultry Roaster makes the best chicken dishes, preserving juiciness and maintaining firmness of the texture at the same time. If you are fond of Eastern cuisine our Kazan Cooking Pot will become your perfect tool for preparing truly authentic Uzbek plov. If you are fan of Asian-style food traditions we can offer our dumpling steamer that will easily create healthy and succulent treats that will still maintain thedough part of the dish firm and glossy.

How to clean aluminum cookware?

Thought aluminum cookware is considered one of the easiest materials to clean, you still have to be conscious of several essential tips in aim to make your cookware serve you for years.

  • You need to protect your cookware from discoloration, as this could possibly happen if the aluminum surface is not treated properly for a long period of time. In fact, discoloration can happen if aluminum cookware is left in soapy water for considerable amounts of time.
  • You may use a special steel-wool soap to dissolve the severely burnt on food on the surface of cast aluminum cookware.
  • You can polish your aluminum cookware surface with a mixture of baking soda and regular water. Scrub the surfaces gently, with no force applied.
  • Century ago people also found lemon juice extremely effective in cleaning the aluminum surfaces.

Copper, the competitor

Copper seems to be one of the metals that could be easily compete with aluminum on different characteristics. However, these two materials will work great together partners, not the enemies, in the world of your kitchen, combining their best qualities. Copper cookware has a perfect non-stick surface that you can take advantage of while making pancakes, cooking thin pieces of meat or fish, or frying an egg. Copper surfaces never react with low acidity foods.

The melting point of a copper surface is relatively low (230 °C), so you should spend a considerable amount of time heating the surface before preparing your food. However, this point still has its positive side, as the copper cookware will never have to be supervised every second, they way cookware made of many materials does.

More than history, better than a legend

Copper is considered to be a pioneer among the metals used by humans. People starts working with copper 11,000 years ago and continue to do so to this day.

It is not surprising that copper cookware was so highly respected by the ancient people; as such qualities as maintaining surface heat for a long time and the beautiful nobility of the golden depth of the copper color will always make copper cookware popular among a wide range of people. In the Turkish culture small coffee-preparing containers, named cezve, became a tradition that spread through centuries. In St-Petersburg Global Trade House you can choose between several options of cezve, made of genuine copper.

Are copper pans safe?

This question was always important to people because as the proper procedure of the cooking process was always a cornerstone of the healthy lifestyle. Copper pans and other cooking surfaces made of copper are totally safe if you pay attention to several tips.

  • It is very important to clean all copper cookware surfaces avoiding the scratching them. If your beautiful vintage copper pan in noble rose gold color is severely damaged during intensive cleaning, it is better to start using it for decoration purposes.
  • If you are planning to cook high-acidity foods, like tomatoes, it may be better to consider cookware made of other materials, as copper may react with concentrated acids.