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SKU J-117060

Red Traditional Natural Clay Stoneware Baking Pot with Lid (0.7-Qt)

Product specification details
SKU J-117060
Material clay
Capacity 0.7-Qt (650 ml)
Care & Use Not dishwasher safe, Not microwave safe

The stewing pot is individually handcrafted of pure red clay; comes with a fitting lid.

The clay pot is 100% safe and healthy cookware. Because of its natural cooking process, the clay cooking piece retains all the vitamins and minerals of the food, making it easy and enjoyable to eat well and feel great.


  • In a clay cooking pot, the food is stewed slowly and evenly, creating tender and flavorful results with every dish.
  • It’s easy to cook as there is no need to stir and monitor the cooking process.
  • Clay pot can be used as superb tableware because of its attractive appearance.
  • The product is also perfect when used as storage.
  • Clay withstands temperatures from -68°F to 842°F (-20°C to +450°C).
  • Clay pot keeps food hot for a long time, so you can enjoy the healthiest food.

By purchasing beautifully crafted clay dishes, healthy wooden kitchen accessories, and textiles made of natural fabrics, you can create an inspired by nature, ECO-friendly style for your kitchen interior.



It is essential to avoid sudden temperature changes, which may cause the pot to crack.

The cookware is only suitable for use in all types of ovens and tandoors. Do not use on open fire.

Do not wash clay tableware in the dishwasher or use abrasive hard.

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