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Quality Russian Orthodox Jewelry

Crucifixion Cross & The Protection of the Holy Virgin Icon Orthodox Cross Pendant
Express your faith and culture with our collection of authentic Orthodox jewelry. Browse our traditional range of heirloom-quality Russian orthodox cross pendants, beaded rosaries, and ornament rings all lovingly crafted in Russia from superior quality gold-plated metals and sterling silver.

Since 1994, the online extension of Saint-Petersburg Global Trade House has allowed individuals to buy Russian Orthodox jewelry online. Today, and our adjoining store here in Brooklyn are the largest retailers of Russian gifts in North America.

The crucifix necklace and Orthodox cross

The Orthodox gold cross pendant is one of the most revered symbols of Orthodox Christianity. With a timeless, traditional design, Russian cross jewelry is an authentic hallmark of faith.

Giving you access to genuine Orthodox jewelry enables you to stay true to the traditions of your forefathers while celebrating the sacred Christian faith, beliefs in salvation, and absolution.

Imported directly from Russia, our collection of gold-plated and silver pendants is expertly decorated with elaborate designs and engraved inscriptions of Old Russian lettering. Ideal for everyday wear, these striking pieces will stay with you for a lifetime

Beautifully beaded rosaries

Beautifully beaded rosaries

In addition to our Russian-made cross pendants, we provide high-quality one and two strand beaded rosaries. Available in a number of colors and styles, these delightful prayer beads are sure to be passed down between generations.

Explore our classically elegant Pearl Two Strand Beaded Rosary, adorned with embellished metallic crosses and offering a quick and secure magnetic closure. Or, our exquisitely crafted Jerusalemite Beaded Rosary highlights the natural beauty of quartz and amethyst stones. The rosary beads are tastefully complimented by a silk tassel and a copper icon of the Mother of God.

Explore our full range of Russian Orthodox jewelry to find a rosary that speaks to you.

Ornament rings

In Christianity, the circle is sacred, representing the eternal nature of God. Take this meaningful message with you wherever you go with a symbolic ornament ring.

This gold-plated ring is garlanded in traditional ornamentation – crucifier flowers form smaller circles, symbolizing the motion of the sun and moon.

The inner ring is finished with the passage, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me,” composed in Old Russian Lettering for a truly authentic look and feel.

The best way to buy Russian Orthodox jewelry online

Enjoy genuine Russian wares and Orthodox jewelry without traveling to Russia. Purchase high-quality, Russian-made products right here in the United States from the passionate team behind

All of our orders are shipped from our warehouses in New York. We happily offer fast and free shipping on orders over $95 to any destination in the continental USA. For orders of less than $95, shipping is charged as a flat-rate fee of just $8.

It’s never been easier to experience such impeccable-quality gifts, jewelry, and homewares imported directly from Russia.